Felthouse Ezia Eugene Revenge’s irreversible tragedy

Felthouse Ezia Eugene Revenge’s irreversible tragedy


Faced with the irreversible condition of “Penthouse,” Lee Ji-ah and Eugene, the “Revenge Regiment” shook the small screen as it was devastated.

The 17th episode of SBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama “Penthouse,” which aired on the 22nd, showed off the number one mini-series of all channels in terrestrial, general, and cable, with 24% nationwide ratings, 25.8% in the Seoul metropolitan area, and 27% in the instant. The 2049 viewership rate, a major indicator of advertising officials, also recorded 10.6% (part 2) and changed the highest ratings again to solidify the position of the “unrivaled” strongest.

In the broadcast on this day, Shim Soo-ryeon (Lee Ji-ah) told Oh Yoon-hee (Yoo Jin) about all the situations and feelings she had hidden, and Oh Yoon-hee (Cho Soo-min) decided to cover up the case, creating a sense of horror. Oh Yoon-hee, who recalled the memory of killing Min, was shocked when Shim Soo-ryeon confessed that she was Min’s biological mother. Oh Yoon-hee, who was confused by Shim Soo-ryeon’s statement that she used her to catch Min Seol-ah’s killer, then headed home as if she was running away while Shim Soo-ryeon was receiving a call for a while  STORY BLOG

Oh Yoon-hee, who returned home and found Min Seol-ah’s red apple necklace in the clothes she wore at the time of Min Seol-ah’s murder, was frustrated, and was shocked to learn that Shim Soo-ryeon mistook the apple necklace wrapped in her hand as a ruby ring.

Finally, Oh Yun-hee was called to the police station by Bae Bo-na (Kim Hyun-soo), who stole beer from a convenience store, and dragged me to the Han River with a ship that wanted to go to jail and said, “I did something to send you to Chung-ah! “I don’t want to live anymore,” she cried. Then Bae-na confessed, “I only have a mother,” and solved the misunderstanding about Ha Yoon-chul (Yoon Jong-hoon) and Oh Yoon-hee’s relationship.

Oh Yoon-hee, who saw Bae-na, who is going back to school the next day, said, “You have to be tough. For Lona. “I’m a mother,” he said. “It was all a lie to Shim, who came to him and asked for help. “You pretended to be for me, you pretended to be worried for me, you pretended to be hypocritical.” Oh Yoon-hee, who left the embarrassed Shim Soo-ryeon, burned the clothes she wore at the time of Min Seol-ah’s murder, broke the Apple necklace, and removed all traces of the day.

On the other hand, Shim Soo-ryeon set the date of revenge against Joo Dan-tae (Um Ki-jun). When Joo Dan-tae announced the death of Joo Hye-in (Nasoye) and offered to invest in land under the name of Joo Hye-in as collateral, the angry Shim Soo-ryeon appeared in front of Joo Dan-tae, who thought she was dead. Furthermore, Joo Hye-in said to Joo Dan-tae, “This is a gift from my grandfather. “I won’t give it to anyone,” said Logan-ri (Park Eun-seok), who heard this clearly. “Did you put up fake collateral just because your living daughter died?” He acted like he was offended and made Dan-tae.

Later, Ju Dan-tae gave Shim Soo-ryeon a creepy smile and said, “You should be punished. “I lied to my husband and thought of something else,” she said. Shim Soo-ryeon, who is on the verge of death, hit Joo Dan-tae on the head with a decoration she barely had in her hand, signaling a strong storm ahead with a tense ending.

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