Ask the technical commissioner, Kim Kyung-moon’s excuse

Ask the technical commissioner, Kim Kyung-moon’s excuse interview upset fans.


Packaging should be silent. Furthermore, there should be no excuse.
Fans were angry at the interview of Kim Kyung-moon, the head coach of the Tokyo Olympics national baseball team. Kim Kyung-moon’s interview with fans who supported the Korean team until late at night became “a fan of the fire.”

After the semi-final match with the U.S., coach Kim Kyung-moon said, “I didn’t come to Japan with the intention of winning a gold medal. I’m here to play a game that’s convincing to the people and the fans. “It’s not too bad that I couldn’t win the gold medal,” he said.

In response, fans criticized, “I went to Japan not for the country but for the exemption of the military.” “I hope I can’t win the bronze medal.”

In addition, coach Kim blamed the team for the wrong formation, saying, “The staff probably picked the players like this because they have an idea.”

The formation of the team is entirely the manager’s unique authority. Then let’s see who the staff is. After the interview, manager Kim Kyung-moon explained that the staff included all of the members, including him, the coach of the national team, and the chairman of the KBO technical committee. However, the baseball community said that Kim Si-jin, chairman of the KBO’s technical committee, would be “directly” referring to him.

In other words, manager Kim Kyung-moon said, “I am not very responsible. It means that he expressed the story that he wanted to say, ‘Ask the technical committee members and the chairman.’ It’s like talking about the Moon.

Furthermore, the national team does not have much responsibility. It sounds like a really irresponsible remark that the technical committee, the chairman, and the KBO are more responsible because we originally aimed for the bronze medal. Moreover, Kim did not apologize for losing the game, which is why I suspect him even more.

Kim Kyung-moon was appointed as a full-time coach of the national team at the end of January 2019 on the recommendation of the technical committee. There is no such thing as self-denial.

The fans were also very angry. “Wow, it’s ugly to blame the staff.” “Kim Kyung-moon, let’s give our people a hole in their own pockets.” “You’re giving it to the staff.” The selection of players is not the coach’s unique authority?” There were a lot of comments criticizing Kim Kyung-moon, including “unbasic coach.”

There were also many fans who pointed out Kim Kyung-moon’s use of a player that he had endured.

“The coach who missed the timing of Ko Woo-suk’s replacement and hired Oh Jae-il for two consecutive days during the Korea-Japan match,” and Kim Kyung-moon’s timing of the replacement of the pitcher, saying, “The defeat in the match against the U.S.

Paejang said he was speechless. With this excuse, it is no use beating the Dominican Republic to win a bronze medal in the third-place match on the 7th. They will only hear sarcasm called “the acting director of military exemption.”

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