What is the probability of men’s urethritis and women’s

What is the probability of men’s urethritis and women’s infection after visiting the house?


Q: I had dirty sex 20 days ago.

In the past, I used to go to Jipjangchon often. Miari Texas Village, Paju Yongjugol, and Pyeongtaek Ssamri. It’s been a while since I had a girlfriend, but I visited her after a long time.

I visited the urologist because the end of the penis is uncomfortable these days. I checked and found that the results were clear.

I found another urologist because I have a sensitive personality. While observing it under a microscope, he pointed at a black dot and said it was a white blood cell, referring to urethritis. I had a test at a hospital I went to for the third time in a half-body’s doubt, and I also diagnosed it as urethritis, saying it was a small but white blood cell, pointing to a black dot. I got injections and took prescription drugs 비아그라구매

The problem is my girlfriend. I’m a person who is thinking about getting married after breaking up and meeting again. I had sex twice when I had urethritis symptoms. Will urinary inflammation be transmitted to your girlfriend?

A: It’s urethritis. It can be contagious. There’s about a 10 percent chance of transmission to a woman in one sex. If a woman has a period, she can heal naturally, so don’t have sex and wait.

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