Top Secret Project Squid Game 2 Next Week’s Script

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The veiled “Squid Game” will start sailing next week.

An official from the entertainment industry told Sports Chosun on the 16th, “Netflix original series ‘Squid Game 2’ is scheduled to read the entire script on June 23, next week.” Squid Game 2, which is currently secretly preparing for the project, will start sailing with script reading on the same day, and the first shooting will also take place in early July. Curiosity about the new season is also increasing as Lee Jung-jae and Lee Byung-hun, the main characters of season 1, have been decided to join early on.

“Squid Game” is a Netflix series that tells the story of people who participate in a mysterious survival with a prize of 5.6 billion won risking their lives to challenge extreme games to become the final winner. It was released in September 2021 and enjoyed worldwide popularity. At last year’s Emmy Awards, Lee Jung-jae won the Best Actor Award and Hwang Dong-hyuk won the Best Director Award in a total of six categories. He has also won many awards at home and abroad. Lee Jung-jae won the Best Actor Award at the first Blue Dragon Series Awards held in July last year, and Jung Ho-yeon won the Rookie of the Year Award, adding to the trophy.

Work is currently under way behind closed doors. Large-scale auditions were also held early. Even famous actors in Korea went through video auditions and face-to-face meetings, and recently, there have been rumors that Im Si-wan has been cast in “Squid Game,” but Netflix is silent on all casting, saying, “It is impossible to confirm.” In this situation, the casting and production schedule are expected to be visible.

‘Squid Game 2’ aims to be released next year. Hot attention is also being paid to the “Squid Game” overseas

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