Considering Tough Chicago Lavigne Trade Attempts

Considering Tough Chicago Lavigne Trade Attempts


Chicago said it is looking for a trade in Jack Rabin (guard-forward, 196cm, 91kg).

Lavigne re-signed with Chicago last summer. Chicago awarded its main gun, Lavigne, a mega-contract worth $215 million over a five-year contract period. However, there has been news that he can start trading even though the season has ended since he signed the contract.

Rabin and Chicago had many disagreements during the season. It was found that the exchange of opinions with the secretariat was not smooth. Rumors about Rabin also emerged ahead of the trade deadline. It is difficult to determine whether Chicago cracked down on it, but it is expected that Chicago would have weighed itself if it had trade value.

Above all, regardless of the relationship between Rabin and the club, Chicago’s current power has become somewhat ambiguous. Chicago fattened up its power by bringing in Derma Drojan and Lonzo Ball in the summer of 2021. However, the ball escaped from injury in the early and mid-season, and in the end, he did not play last season. In addition, Lavigne was also intermittently unable to take part in injury or management, and the power was not properly operated.

Chicago is also expected to seriously consider starting a reorganization. At the end of last season, his contract with Nikola Vucevic expired. DeRozan’s contract expires at the end of the upcoming 2023-2024 season. Not only is it unclear whether the ball will be able to continue his career, but if it is difficult to play in the next season in reality, it is difficult to achieve results such as advancing to the playoffs with the current composition.

If Chicago starts rebuilding, it should send Lavigne, who is worth it. In addition to being selected as an All-Star in succession over the past 2021 and 2022, he has played a lot in 77 games this season. However, since his long-term contract has just begun, it is doubtful whether there will be a team willing to cover his contract. On the contrary, if it was to be traded, it would have given too many contracts. 토토추천사이트

He played 35.9 minutes per game this season, recording 24.8 points (.485.375.848) 4.5 rebounds and 4.2 assists. It has created ’23-4-4′ for five consecutive years since the 2018-2019 season. Now that he is in his mid to late 20s, he is showing his best skills. Approximately $44 million in annual contracts remain from next season to 2026-2027 season with player options

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