There was a reason why he tolerated the three-way-out

There was a reason why he tolerated the three-way-out silent play team, which was criticized for retiring immediately


There is already a “eat and run” tag, and there was even a play that was difficult to understand during the game. It was a two-strike with the runner out, but he buntted. Fans vent their anger, but it was an inevitable choice when it turned out. This is because there was no suitable third baseman alternative.

Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon came out as the fourth batter and third baseman in the “2023 Major League” game against the Texas Rangers at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas on the 16th (Korea Standard Time) and had no hits in three at-bats. After getting on base with a ball that hit his left wrist in his first at-bat in the first inning, he failed to help the team in the attack.

However, Rendon’s response in the later at-bat was strange. He came out as the leadoff hitter in the fourth inning and played a full count game, and struck out while watching the ball for the sixth time. While Nathan Ivoldi threw six balls, Rendon never threw a bat.

In the sixth episode, there was a more unbelievable scene. Rendon attempted two buns with one out and a runner on first base, but failed to make an in-play hit. He tried once at the ball count 0-1, but it became a strike, and in 1-2 he was struck out by a three-bunt as the bunt became a foul.

The score was tied 2-2, but I thought of a double at best? It could seem to play insincerely. Angels fans vented their anger on Twitter, saying, “Retire now.”

But Rendon seems to have been out of shape. After being hit by the arm in the first inning, I couldn’t swing the bat properly because of the pain. Jeff Fletcher, a reporter for Orange County Register, tweeted during the game, “Rendon continues to play even with the ball that hit him early in the game. Just tried bunt, struck out easily. “It seems that he cannot swing properly,” he wrote.

“If I had to take out Rendon, I had to substitute Matt Thais (backup catcher) or have Taylor Ward (starting left fielder) play somewhere in the infield,” he added. Thais has played as a third baseman until last year, but this year, he only started as a catcher and first baseman.

Reporter The Athletic Sam Blum also said, “Lendon just tried two buns at bat. One time, it was two strikes later. Maybe I can’t turn the bat around. Injuries are a disaster for the Angels. “Gio Assella and Jack Neto are also injured,” he wrote.

Even in the top of the eighth inning, Rendon showed no willingness to attack at bat. After standing on a ball that seemed to be out of the strike zone and striking out, he nodded and returned to the dugout 메이저사이트 이용방법

Rendon didn’t help in the attack, but the Angels beat Texas 5-3. Ohtani started and won six games (2 losses) this season with two runs in six innings, and led the victory with one hit in two at-bats (home runs) and two walks and two RBIs as the second batter

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