Barsa’s crushing defeat. Such a dog-like Pique swearing explosion

Barsa’s crushing defeat. Such a dog-like Pique swearing explosion. Griezmann and the war of words.


Barcelona players also exploded when the game didn’t go as they wanted.

Barcelona was completely defeated by Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) 1-4 in the first leg of the round of 16 of the 2020-2021 European Football Confederation Champions League (UCL) held in Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain on the 17th (Korea time). Lionel Messi scored the first goal of the penalty kick, but lost points to Kylian Mbappe (3 goals) and Moise Ken (1 goal).

It was difficult to be satisfied from the beginning of the game. Barsa is originally a team that leads the game based on its high market share. However, he had a tight game with a 51 percent market share. In terms of number of shots, he fell to 13-16 and 4-8 in number of effective shots. There was no excuse for Barsa 안전놀이터

The players also clashed in the midst of an unsolved game. According to the Spanish sports newspaper “Marca”, Gerard Pique shouted at his colleagues and clashed with Antoine Griezmann, who tried to calm it down. Considering his age and career, Pique is considered a veteran player in Barca.

Pique said in the 38th minute of the first half, “Take a long share, damn it! Like a dog. Let’s go, let’s keep our market share high!”

When Griezmann said, “Calm down, stop shouting,” Pique once again shouted, “I’m begging you (Greezmann’s nickname).” Griezmann says, “Hold your tongue,” and Piqué says, “No, you’re going to eat your tongue. “I’m struggling, I’ve been struggling for five minutes,” he retorted. “Don’t scream,” Griezmann said.

Clement Langley stepped in between the two and tried to calm them down. He also prepared a player to defend. When Pique cursed and said, “We’re running like crazy,” Griezmann refuted again, saying, “We’re running, too.”

Players also reacted sharply as the game did not go as they wanted due to PSG’s strong offensive. It seemed to have been an anxiety that sluggish performance could lead to a losing trend in the second half. In the second half alone, Barsa was forced to kneel at Camp Nou, the tomb of the expedition team.

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