The new emperor’s signal like Ronaldo at Mbappe Campnou

The new emperor’s signal like Ronaldo at Mbappe Campnou.


Football fans around the world are amazed at Kylian Mbappe’s tremendous performance at Camp Nou. The powerful Mbappe play was praised as “Renewal of Ronaldo.”

Mbappe scored a hat-trick against Barcelona (Spain) in the first leg of the 2020-2021 UEFA Champions League round of 16 at Camp Nou in Barcelona, Spain, on the 17th, leading to a 4-1 come-from-behind victory 토토추천

It was a game that the world paid attention to. The confrontation between Barcelona, led by “present emperor” Lionel Messi, and Mbappe, the “future emperor,” drew keen attention from global soccer fans even in the Korona 19 situation. The result was a perfect victory for Mbappe. Messi briefly sparkled with the first goal of the penalty kick in the 27th minute of the first half. Mbappe scored an equalizer in the 32nd minute and scored a come-from-behind goal in the 20th minute of the second half, and completed a hat trick in the 40th minute of the second half to take responsibility for the team’s 4-1 victory.

Mbappe was perfect with his confident breakthrough, brilliant individual skills, and amazing decision-making skills. He received a perfect score of 10 points from MOM in Gyeonggi Province as well as statistics website HooScore Dotcom.

Spanish media “Marca” said, “After the game, there were a lot of posts on SNS that Mbappe was Ronaldo’s reincarnation.” Especially in that he scored a goal against Barcelona at Camp Nou. Mbappe knelt on the ground, raised his arms to the sky, and stretched out. Mbappe copied the ceremony Ronaldo scored against Barcelona every time he scored. He looked just like Ronaldo when he kneeled down, opened his arms, and raised his fingers to the sky.

“Now Real Madrid will dream of signing a contract with him in the near future, and PSG will leave everything to renew his contract with the star,” the media said. “I wonder where he will go, who took the throne as the heir to Messi and Ronaldo.”

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