Bluebird day Kim Gyeolyoo I think it’s a good thing you turned

Bluebird day Kim Gyeolyoo I think it’s a good thing you turned into a mixed-nine actor


“When you were an idol trainee?” It’s a memory now. From now on, I’m going to do my best as actor Kim Gyeul-yu.”

Kim Gyeol-yu, who made his face known to the public as an idol trainee, returned as a decent actor.

In a recent final interview with our magazine on the playlist web drama Bluebird Day, Kim Kyul-yu expressed his move as an actor who started in earnest and his feelings about it.

Kim Kyul-yu appeared as Oh Ha-rin’s best friend Do Soo-jin in “Bluebird Day” and impressed viewers with her cute and lively charm. Kim Kyeol-yu, who made his official debut as an actor by appearing in a web drama in earnest this year, raised expectations for the future with stable acting skills that are not like rookies.

Kim Kyul-yu, who successfully finished her first work, said, “I have learned a lot from this work,” giving her a speech on the ending.

“I learned a lot on the spot.” I learned a lot about the atmosphere of the field, and I could feel that taking acting classes from the teacher was not everything. In the actual filming site, I learned that not only did I have to show the acting I interpreted and prepared, but the director’s Without these experiences, I thought I would have struggled a lot in acting in the future.”

In the play, there was also a story about chemistry with Red Velvet’s Yeri, who worked with him as a “best friend.”

“I remember Yeri being really good at the scene.” He did a good job during the script reading. He has such a bright personality and an outspoken personality, so the atmosphere at the scene was so good. Thanks to you, I was able to finish the work well.”

Bluebird Day, where Kim Gyeol-yu made his first full-fledged impression as an actor, successfully ended with high views every time thanks to the fresh genre of romance thriller that unfolds back and forth between the past and the present and the good performance of the actors. It was natural that great interest and affection were also poured into Kim Gyeul-yu amid the success of the work.

“Fans’ reactions?” I was puzzled. It was an unexpected reaction. In fact, I didn’t realize much of the reaction because I didn’t go out well after finishing the work, but I’m realizing it little by little because they complimented me a lot through SNS and left a lot of good comments.”I didn’t think I did that well myself, but I’m so grateful and honored that you seemed to have enjoyed it.”

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