BTS V. Did Jennie take you on a chartered plane to Paris

BTS V. Did Jennie take you on a chartered plane to Paris? The truth is spreading


While BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Lisa, who visited Paris, France, used the same chartered plane, rumors spread that Lisa chartered the private plane.

V and Lisa went on a chartered flight to Paris with actor Park Bo-gum on the 24th. The three were invited as guests of the 2023 S/S season men’s clothing collection by luxury brand Celine and visited Paris.

The chartered plane used by the three was originally rented by Lisa. The U.S. media “Clout News” quoted a chartered engineer’s SNS (Social Network Service) message and said Lisa paid all the rent for the chartered plane.

However, reports that Lisa rented a chartered plane have been confirmed to be untrue. According to an entertainment industry official on the 27th, the chartered plane used by V, Lisa, and Park Bo-gum was provided by Celine and had nothing to do with Lisa. An article containing the news that “Lisa chartered it” was also recently deleted.

As the content has already spread, Jenny, a colleague of Lisa and a rumor of dating V, was summoned from the online community. It was speculation that Jenny connected the two and moved to France together.

Meanwhile, V, Park Bo-gum and Lisa attended a fashion show at the Palais de tokyo in Paris on Wednesday. V showed off his chic and haughty charm by matching a leather jeans with an intense red rider jacket.

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