Keuchel a former Cy Young player also lost four runs in 4.1 innings

Keuchel a former Cy Young player also lost four runs in 4.1 innings


Dallas Keuchel (Arizona Diamondbacks) failed to escape from the slump in the new team.

Keuchel made his Arizona debut as a starter in the 2022 Major League Baseball’s home game against the Detroit Tigers at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, on the 27th (Korea Standard Time).

He was notified of his release from the Chicago White Sox on the 28th of last month and re-challenged the big leagues with a minor contract with Arizona on the 7th. He then joined the Major League roster and threw the ball.

Keuchel seemed to start the game smoothly with a clean three-way exit in the first inning, but allowed two runs after being hit by three hits in two consecutive innings. He gave up one more run in the fourth inning, walked one out in the fifth inning and went down the mound. J.B. Wendelken, who followed, was hit by a three-run four, increasing Keuchel’s run.

Keuchel pitched 98 pitches in 4.1 innings, allowing six hits, four runs and three walks. Despite his lower-than-expected performance, seven strikeouts were noteworthy.

Arizona’s starter Keuchel failed to fill the fifth inning, but the batters scored every inning from the third to the sixth inning, especially scoring five runs in the sixth inning, winning 11-7.

Keuchel is a veteran pitcher who won the Cy Young Award seven years ago with 20 wins. However, the ball power gradually declined, and he has never recorded 10 wins since 2019. Arizona hopes that Keuchel will burn the last flame 토토추천

Meanwhile, Keuchel, wearing an Arizona uniform, has coach Brent Strom, who was a pitching coach during his heyday with the Houston Astros, drawing keen attention from fans to see if he will be able to make a comeback again

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