Can I get LASIK surgery on my left eye?

Can I get LASIK surgery on my left eye?


Q: A woman in her late 20s. The ophthalmologist determined that he could not get LASIK. Eyesight is about -4 diopters -5 diopters, respectively. -It is said that surgery is not possible because it is impossible to predict orthodontic vision because there is eye examination in the left eye with four diopters.

Can I perform surgery on only one eye that can be LASIK and correct the other eye by combining lenses and glasses?

It doesn’t matter if you wear contact lenses, but I’ve heard that it’s hard to wear them anymore if you wear them for more than 10 years. I think I should wear glasses as I get older. Then I’m worried that I might get dizzy because of the thickness of the lens.

If a person like me undergoes surgery, does it become a floating eye? When I searched on the Internet, they said that if only one side is visible, it may become amblyopia later. Is there any side effect of getting LASIK on only one side? Wouldn’t it be a problem to live with that in mind?

A: If you heard that vision correction is difficult due to left eye ptosis, how about correcting the eye ptosis first and performing surgery? Surgery may be possible if you can see well with glasses or lenses on your left eye.

For LASIK surgery, it is recommended to visit two to three hospitals instead of one place for examination and decide.

It doesn’t matter if you operate with only one eye, but it can be inconvenient because of floating. Even if you have floating eyes as an adult, no amblyopia occurs. This is only for children with developed vision. Visit several hospitals and decide if surgery is possible again after being examined before deciding.

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