Cancel all schedules including M Countdown over Lucas’ privacy

Cancel all schedules including M Countdown over Lucas’ privacy controversy


Lucas, who is active as a wait-and-see group NCT, canceled his schedule due to controversy surrounding his privacy.

According to a report by Sporty News on the 25th, Lucas was scheduled to appear on Mnet’s “M Countdown,” which airs on the 26th, but canceled his schedule.

WayV Lucas and Hendry will release their new song “Jalape’o” in units at 6 p.m. on the 25th. The two were scheduled to unveil their performance of “Jalape’o” on the music show “M Countdown,” but canceled their schedule as Lucas was suddenly embroiled in controversy over his private life.

In time for the release of “Jalape’o,” the company was scheduled to communicate with fans through Naver’s Vlive, but decided to cancel the live broadcast schedule as well.

A, who became a girlfriend of Lucas’s fan and met for years, recently claimed on his SNS that he had been gaslighted by Lucas for a long time and had been “male flower snake.” Following A’s revelation, B, a Chinese woman, also met with Lucas at a similar time, adding, “I knew Lucas’ post was surprisingly similar to my case,” raising controversy over A’s claim 광주호빠

Lucas is from Hong Kong and is active as NCT, WayV and SuperM. The agency SM Entertainment and Lucas have refused to comment on the claim, which cannot be confirmed to be true.

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