Champion LA Dodgers Bullpen Blake Trinen re-signed 18.4 billion won

W.S. Champion LA Dodgers Bullpen Blake Trinen re-signed 18.4 billion won.


The Los Angeles Dodgers responded to the San Diego Padres’ strong challenge by strengthening the bullpen. San Diego’s bullpen is more vulnerable than the Dodgers 토토사이트

Defying expectations, the Dodgers signed a two-year, $17 million guarantee contract with Blake Trinen, who declared a free agent on the 6th (Korea time). The club officially announced in a press release that it has renewed its two-year contract with Trinen. The Dodgers acquired Trinen for $10 million a year last year.

Trinen, 32, played for the Oakland A.C.A. as the closer of 2018 and 2019. However, when Oakland gave up its contract as a non-tender and became an FA, Dodgers president Andrew Friedman signed a one-year contract and brought him to the bullpen as a setup man.

He still has a fast ball in the 155km range. He pitched in 27 regular season games in 2020, recording three wins, three losses and one save with a 3.86 ERA. The real value came from the postseason. He pitched 11 games and 11.1 innings, including the wild card series. In the World Series, he made his first save of his life, filling in the gap as his built-in closer Kenley Janson faltered.

Trinen was considered the number one bullpen pitcher in this year’s FA market. He seems to have stayed due to the conditions of signing a multi-year contract with the Dodgers, the World Series champion. Trinen is guaranteed a $4 million signing bonus, $6 million annual salary in 2021 and 2022 and $1 million in buyout in 2023. In 2023, an optional annual salary is $8 million.

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