Cho Hyun-young's

Cho Hyun-young’s perfect body, and the reaction to touching her body

Cho Hyun-young’s perfect body, and the reaction to touching her body.

Cho Hyun-young's

Cho Hyun-young learned how to exercise abs.

On the YouTube channel Fitvely, a video titled “Absolute Abdominal Exercise by Female Celebrities” was uploaded on the 20th.

Along with the video, Fitvely said, “I worked out with Rainbow Cho Hyun-young. “It was a really fun time,” he said.

This video shows Fitvely teaching Cho Hyun-young how to exercise abs. Fitvely asked Cho Hyun-young, “Did you do a lot of abdominal exercises?” “It’s been a while since I’ve done this,” Cho Hyun-young said cautiously.

Pitvely said, “I got it,” and asked Cho to lie on the mat. “What’s important when you do abs exercises is that your back shouldn’t hurt,” Pittvely said. There are people who endure back pain and exercise their abs. “If you do that, you’re in the wrong position.

He then coached Cho Hyun-young’s abs exercise method, saying, “When you exercise abs, only your abs should hurt.” Cho Hyun-young soon copied the movements as Fitvely told her.

Fitvely corrected Cho Hyun-young’s posture and taught him one move at a time. At this time, Fitvely pressed the bottom of Cho Hyun-young’s chest and said, “If it gets hard when I touch it here,” but soon changed his words to “It’s soft,” drawing laughter.

Cho Hyun-young also changed her posture with a big smile, and Fitvely said, “Yes. “When it’s hard like this, you have to raise your legs so that you can exercise your abs without back pain.”

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