The Effect and Origin of Sticky Rice Origin of glutinous

The Effect and Origin of Sticky Rice


1. Origin of glutinous rice

Earlier in Southeast Asia, the oldest layer of near-farm farming culture, was eating sago rice, a starch as big as grains of rice from trees of Sago palm. The technological system of obtaining accident rice, arrowroot starch, and acorn starch is a method of making powder into powder, precipitating water into water, throwing water away, and collecting sediment. Dissolve harmful ingredients such as tannin and saponin in water and extract starch. Yum Toran and Tarotoran are techniques such as obtaining starch from arrowroot and bracken in the Joyeop Forest Cultural Area. It later met with the culture of eating yam taro or tarotoran, and came up with a taste for sticky things. This symbol is the preferred type of sticky grain in the multi-grain cultivation stage, and this sticky grain is the glutinous rice species 비아그라구입

2. The Effect of Sticky Rice

1) Stomach protection, digestion, and physical strength recovery

Unlike buckwheat rice, which is 80 to 90 percent starch and consists of about 15 to 35 percent amylopectin and the rest amylopectin, glutinous rice is not only characterized by good digestion, but also helps patients recover their health as a representative grain that protects their stomach and warm.

2) Effect on constipation, strengthening bones, strengthening immune function and nervous system, antioxidant action, immune enhancement, and prevention of heart disease

Vitamin D in glutinous rice, which is rich in vegetable fiber and has excellent moisture binding or moisture retention, strengthens bones by helping to absorb calcium, strengthen immune function and nervous system by high vitamin B, and is rich in vitamin E, which is a simple protein high in antioxidants, anti-aging and heart disease prevention glutamines.

3) Anti-oxidation function, beneficial for patients with chronic gastritis and gastric ulcer

There are many beneficial ingredients for patients with chronic gastritis or gastric ulcer, as it increases the antioxidant function within the mucous membrane of the stomach as well as promotes the secretion of mucous protein in the stomach.

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