Choo Shin-soo

Choo Shin-soo Can Join Seattle, Needed in Many Things

Choo Shin-soo Can Join Seattle, Needed in Many Things

Choo Shin-soo

Choo Shin-soo (39), a free agent in the Major League Baseball (MLB), is expected to be able to sign with the Seattle Mariners.

The U.S. sports online media, The Athletic, predicted the possibility of Choo Shin-soo’s contract in an article on the 9th (Korea time) that “the Seattle club can recruit additional players 안전공원

“Choo Shin-soo is a 39-year-old veteran hitter who has passed his prime, but he is a competitive player with 0.274 MLB career,” the media said. “He is somewhat competitive as a left-handed batter and is raising his competitiveness by training first base defense this winter.”

“The Seattle team will be able to use Choo Shin-soo against the right-handed pitcher of the opposing team,” the Athletic said. “It can also serve as a left fielder, right fielder, and designated hitter.”

Choo signed a $1.37 million contract with Seattle in 2001 when he was a student at Busan High School and took a flight to the U.S.

He changed from a pitcher to a batter at the recommendation of the Seattle club, and after a tough minor league life, he took the big league stage in 2005.

The Seattle team’s relationship with Choo was not that long. Choo Shin-soo was traded to the Cleveland Indians in 2006 due to overlapping positions with Ichiro Suzuki, who was then the best Kyota player from Japan. Since then, Choo has been on a roll with his best performance.

It is unclear whether Seattle will be Choo Shin-soo’s last active team. Local media reported that Pittsburgh Pirates and Milwaukee Brewers have recently expressed interest in recruiting Choo Shin-soo.

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