Controversy over manners and retaliatory measures arising from

Controversy over manners and retaliatory measures arising from a single note that fell to the ground.


Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Kevin Kiermeier was hit by a ball thrown by Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Ryan Boruki in the final at-bat of the Major League Baseball game at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time).

The situation took place in the bottom of the eighth inning when Tampa Bay led 7-1, and it was not a scene that could affect the victory or defeat.

In baseball, there are often scenes where a batter is hit by a pitcher’s ball. However, the situation between the two teams was not common.

Kiermeyer expressed discomfort as he walked to first base. Toronto catcher Danny Jansen followed Kiermeyer and constantly talked. The referee dug between the two players and attempted to mediate.

Players walked out of the dugout of both teams. Bench clearing took place. There was no collision between the two teams, but it was an urgent situation.

Tampa Bay coach Kevin Cash strongly protested to the referee. The Tampa Bay squad was convinced that Boruki’s pitch was intended. Kiermeier also said through local media after the game, “It was definitely intentional.”

The referee decided that Boruki’s pitch was intentional and sent him off. Toronto pitching coach Pete Walker, who protested harshly, was also sent off.

Toronto refuted. Boruki refuted, “The ball fell out of my hand,” and Toronto coach Charlie Montoyo also claimed that it was unintentional, saying, “It was a mistake.”

It is true that Danny Jansen ordered the pitcher to throw the ball on the batter’s outer course in the scene of the hit ball.

However, why did the eyes of the two teams diverge so much? It is not irrelevant to the situation that took place two days ago.

There was a scene where the Toronto squad was angry in a match between the two teams held at the same place on the 21st.

Kiermeyer picked up a note from Toronto catcher Alejandro Kirk’s wristband on his way home.

The note contained an analysis of Tampa Bay hitters by the Toronto Power Analysis Team. It should never be leaked.

Toronto, which belatedly confirmed the loss of the note, asked Tampa Bay to return the note through Bat Boy.

However, Tampa Bay rejected Toronto’s request. Tampa Bay was able to grasp the opponent’s power analysis through Kiermeyer’s unexpected behavior.

Coach Cathy visited Toronto the next day and officially apologized for the controversy over his manners, while Montoyo responded that it was okay, saying, “It’s all in the past.”

However, the Toronto squad may have had different thoughts. Coincidentally, the batter hit by Boruki’s ball was none other than Kiermeyer. Tampa Bay players had no choice but to doubt Toronto’s intentionality 토토추천

Tampa Bay won 7-1 on the day to confirm its advance to the postseason. Toronto continues its wild card competition. Will the two teams with many stories be able to meet again on the fall baseball stage?

Kiermeyer strongly hoped to face Toronto. “I hope to face Toronto in the postseason. “I mean it,” he said, vowing to avenge the retaliatory ball.

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