Symptoms of jaw botox cheek loss, and egg candy

Symptoms of jaw botox cheek loss, and egg candy


Q: A woman in her late 20s. I’m suffering from the side effects of jaw Botox cheek decay. 10 weeks ago, I had my first procedure in my life. The next day, I had symptoms of egg candy, and my face became flat and haggard from the second week.

A month later, the ball was dug like a skull. Perhaps it affected the cheek muscles, or the cheekbones drooped below, making my face really flat. One corner of my mouth doesn’t go up.

Why did you get symptoms of jaw botox egg candy?

Will side effects such as nausea and cheekbones recover within six months?

I hope you didn’t hurt your nerves.

It’s already been 3 months. I don’t have any muscles, but I wonder if this recovery speed is common.

A: When you get Botox in the root of your jaw for rectangular jaw correction. People with prominent cheekbones may lose a lot of weight or look like skulls due to more noticeable symptoms of lower cheekbones after injection of the mast muscle.

In this case, it is necessary to increase the volume of the lower cheekbones before and after Botox treatment (filler or fat transplant, etc.).

In the early days of Botox treatment, bumpiness is a symptom that occurs especially in people who use muscles a lot, and can be corrected with additional less corrected areas.

The symptoms of less elevation in the corners of the mouth are caused by the spread of drugs in the small muscles, one of the muscles that raise the corners of the mouth other than the mast muscle. There will be no possibility of nerve damage because all symptoms will have a reversible reaction that returns over time.

It is expected to improve gradually. The recovery period is about 3-6 months, which varies from person to person.

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