Court’s tyrant is completely transformed. Demarkers Cousins

Court’s tyrant is completely transformed. Demarkers Cousins, how your play style has completely changed.


The Houston Rockets were too noisy this season. Majority of team members are opposed to James Harden’s “privacy.” Russell Westbrook eventually left for the Washington Wizards 안전공원

It was traded to John Wall.

John Wall tried to maintain a good relationship with Harden. However, Harden missed team training, and the Brooklyn Nets and Houston eventually traded Harden through a blockbuster trade. Instead, Houston earned first-round nominations with Victor Oladipo.

This season, Houston looked tough. They boldly abolished their trademark ‘Super Small Ball’. Christian Wood and old tyrant Dimarkers Cousins joined the team to strengthen their strength. The start wasn’t good. There were more losses than wins.

Houston has been heating up recently with John Wall returning. It’s five consecutive wins.

Houston, centered on Oladipo, John Wall and Christian Wood, is getting stronger as they play with good synergy. We cannot leave out this player here. It’s Dimarkers Cousins.

He was already the league’s best big man to be voted All-Star four times. He was also nicknamed a “tyrant” for his technical foul due to his always full of complaints and relentless rough nerves with his opponent. However, his court dominance with various post-up and face-up attack techniques was great.

He was involved in long-term rehabilitation due to an Achilles tendon in 2018 and a cruciate ligament injury in 2019. His value plummeted after three years of rehabilitation and return.

Furthermore, the league trend has completely changed. As the era of transition and three-point shots changed, Cousins’ “orthodox center” style of basketball has lost much of its value.

Therefore, there were many skeptical views of Cousins’ return.

The American basketball media HoopsHype said, “Couzenji has become hot. “DeMarcus Cousins is heating up, but he’s a completely different player.”

First of all, the team didn’t match their speed, but Cousins matched the team’s speed. It is the basis of transformation and evidence of complete change.

Cousins’ transition speed is not fast. With his speed down, he had a spectacular attack technique, but was a negative factor in the airlift margin.

However, the transition itself was matched to the team. It’s not easy. Another expanded attack range. When he was already with the New Orleans Falcons, he showed off his three-point shot for under-the-goal spacing. In other words, he is a player with shooting ability. However, Houston definitely increased the weight of midjumper and 3-pointers.

The old dominion is gone. He has averaged 8.3 points, 7.3 rebounds and 2.6 assists in 15 games this season. His field goal success rate is 33.6%, the lowest in his career. The proportion of attacks itself has decreased. He attempts an average of 7.5 field goals per game. He makes an average of four 3-pointers. The success rate of shots within 1.5 meters of the rim is only 33%. He made 48 attempts and 16 successful attempts. It’s a very bad success rate. However, the passing he went through in the attack connection process rather than scoring is in the top 2%. In other words, it will contribute to the team’s attack regardless of the score.

He scored 28 points in a game against the Dallas Mavericks on January 23. The two-to-two attacks on John Wall and Eric Gordon, along with Pick & Pop (a 2-to-2 tactic aimed at the outside with a screen on), allowed him to score a large score. The three-point success rate reached 50 percent (four in 8 attempts). In addition, he captured 17 rebounds. In other words, it was very efficient in airlift.

In the game against the Washington Wizards, he scored 19 points and had 11 rebounds, making it double-double. The success rate of three-point shots was 50 percent (four in eight attempts).

In other words, he transformed his play style to fit the trend. He is playing basketball more efficiently by matching his versatility to the team. In fact, it’s really hard to change the style of play. In an interview, he said, “You’ve had a hell of a hard time.

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