Daegu Youngshin Church confirmed 28 people

According to the Daegu Metropolitan Government on the 11th, a total of 28 people, including 22 members of the Yeongsin Church and five members of the pastor’s family, have been confirmed so far. The infected people are distributed in eight districts and counties in Daegu, and some residents in Seongju County, North Gyeongsang Province, are also feared to spread further.

In particular, two of the infected are teachers at daycare centers in Dalseong-gun, so they plan to conduct a full inspection of the students.

According to the results of the quarantine authorities’ epidemiological investigation, about 30 members of the church violated quarantine rules and shared meals after small gatherings on the 4th and 6th. It was also confirmed that about 10 members of the congregation practiced praise for about 30 minutes without wearing a mask.

Some believers did not wear masks for about 30 minutes during Sunday’s service. The quarantine authorities have secured a list of 270 members of the church and are conducting a full inspection.

Daegu City is also considering recommending self-restraint such as small gatherings and meal meetings, and raising the social distance level around the church, judging that religious events will be frequent in each church ahead of Christmas. 먹튀사이트

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