DeGrom or Kershaw trade The impending choice

DeGrom or Kershaw trade The impending choice of Schuerger is


Major League Baseball’s trade deadline is at 5 a.m. on the 31st (Korea time). There are only four days left.

The most notable trade candidate is Washington Nationals starter Max Schuer. The seven-year $210 million contract with Washington ends this year. It is highly likely that Washington will give up the postseason early and move ahead of the deadline. Local media are generally predicting a trip to the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Mets, which aim to win the World Series.

In an article predicting the possibility of trading major players on the 27th, ESPN predicted that the St. Louis Cardinals and the Los Angeles Dodgers would be aiming for the Superior. In reality, however, chances of going to St. Louis are slim. ESPN Bratford Dolittle said, “This is the last chance for the Cardinals to join the FA later this year, and there is still a possibility of autumn baseball, so St. Louis is in third place in the central division of the National League, so there is a slim chance of advancing to the postseason.” In other words, Scherger, who has a strong desire to win, cannot choose St. Louis, who has no chance of winning. After playing in the Major League for more than 10 years and in Washington for more than five years, Schurger has the right to trade (10-5 right).

Therefore, he is expected to go to the Dodgers. ESPN reporter David Shoenfield said:”I don’t know if Trevor Bauer will return this season, Clayton Kershaw is suffering from an arm injury, and David Price is not sure yet,” Jers said. “There’s nothing like a card to beat the San Francisco Giants, considering that we have to avoid wildcards.”

Dodgers are in a chase for one to two light vehicles in San Francisco. As reporter Shoenfield mentioned, if Schuerger joins the rotation without Bauer and Kershaw, he can build a solid triangular formation with Walker Bueller and Julio Urias.

The New York Mets, a member of the Eastern District like Washington, are also showing keen interest in Schuer. The Mets are leading the Eastern Division, but are being criticized for the need to strengthen rotation for the postseason. It is true that Jacob DeGrom and Schuerger have nothing to fear in autumn baseball.

“The Mets, who are looking at the pitcher market extensively, asked the Nationals about the three-time Cy Young Shoozer,” said. “Will the Nationals really give up the ace to their global rivals?” The answer will come out soon,’ he said.

Schuerger tried to start against the Baltimore Orioles on the 25th, but was canceled due to a muscle injury in his right arm. However, the MRI did not show any abnormalities in bones, ligaments, or muscle tissue, so there was no abnormality in the next pitch 안전놀이터

“The Mets are hoping to strengthen rotation after recruiting Rich Hill from the Tampa Bay Rays last week,” said. “The Minnesota Twins right-hander Jose Berrios is on a contract until 2022 and has given up because of the high level of players he has to give up,” he said, adding, “The Mets are closely looking at the soon-to-be-FA player, but some doubt whether Mike Rizzo will give him up on the Earth’s rival.”

He has 7 wins and 4 losses in 18 games this season, averaging 2.83 and 142 strikeouts. He ranks 11th in the National League, 5th in strikeouts and 2nd in WHIP (0.89).

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