How about Kim Kwang-hyun rental? STL’s fall baseball probability 3.5%

How about Kim Kwang-hyun rental? STL’s fall baseball probability 3.5% trade possibility is enough.


The trade market is still wide open. Is it also valid that Kim Kwang-hyun (33) will be traded away from the St. Louis Cardinals?

Major League Trade Lumors (MLBTR), which specializes in Major League news, said on the 27th (Korea time) that the New York Mets, the leader in the eastern part of the National League, are focusing on reinforcing starting pitchers, but are focusing on “start pitcher rental.”

Jose Berrios of the Minnesota Twins is also mentioned as the pitcher the Mets are aiming for, but the price is expected to be burdensome. “Mets prefer rental so that they don’t run out of farm systems,” said MLBTR. Berrios is showing stable pitching with 7 wins, 5 losses and an ERA of 3.48 this year, and in 2019, he played 200 milligrams of innings in 2019. FA acquisition is possible after the end of the 2023 season.

This means that even if he becomes an FA after this season, he prefers “rental” that can fill the starting rotation even for a while.

“MLBTR” introduced starting pitchers who could rent from teams with less than 10% chance of advancing to the postseason, and included Kim Kwang-hyun’s name. The media listed Kim Kwang-hyun, as well as starting pitchers who could take him to “Rental,” including John Gray, Jack Davis, Charlie Morton, Drew Smiley, Mike Minor, and Matt Harvey. Kim Kwang-hyun is often mentioned as a “rental” candidate because his two-year contract with St. Louis ends after the end of this season.

The St. Louis, third in the National League Central District, has a 50-50 win rate, but is nine games behind the Milwaukee Brewers, and the San Francisco Giants (62-37), Los Angeles Dodgers (61-44), and San Diego Padres (58-44) in the Western District. According to the “Fan Graph,” there is only 3.5 percent chance that St. Louis will advance to the postseason.

Kim Kwang-hyun, who has 6 wins, 5 losses and a 2.88 ERA this year, is showing a special pitching in July alone with a four-win, no-loss ERA of 0.72.

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