Ovulation. Mitelschmitz syndrome is The most common

Ovulation. Mitelschmitz syndrome is


Ovulation is the release of eggs from the ovaries that have matured. Women with a menstrual cycle of 28 days have ovulation between about 13 and 15 days, and in the process, various physical characteristics that they can recognize themselves appear. When trying to conceive, knowing the symptoms of ovulation can increase your chances of pregnancy.

The most common symptom is ovulation pain. A heavy pain in the lower abdomen or menstrual pain appears even before ovulation begins. This is because the ovary stimulates nerves as it grows. It is slightly different from the pain that begins after ovulation. Liquid or blood flows out and stimulates the peritoneum. The pain that occurs even before the egg is released from the ovary is called Mitelschmitz syndrome 정품비아그라

Other ovulation symptoms are cervical mucus. It is commonly called ovulation mucus. This is because the amount of estrogen increases as the ovary grows. Initially, the cervix is closed, so mucus does not come out. As ovulation approaches, the cervix gradually opens and flows down. At first, it is sticky and foggy, and then it becomes slippery like egg whites. It gradually becomes clear and more resilient, providing an environment suitable for sperm to move around.

The symptoms of ovulation begin about two to three days before the egg is released, mixed with ovulation blood, and then stop coming out as brown cold. If you don’t get pregnant after stopping brownish, your endometrium will be removed and you will have your period.

If you sleep in ovulation every two to three days, you can try to get pregnant about 24 to 30 times a year. If you do not get pregnant within this period, you will be diagnosed with infertility. Sometimes, it takes a little longer to succeed. If you are married at a late age and are not in a hurry to get pregnant, it is recommended that you try to get pregnant for at least six months to one year. If the results are not good, go to the hospital and get help with infertility.

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