Difficulty participating in up to 5 games, including Lo Celso PL

Difficulty participating in up to 5 games, including Lo Celso PL, has been detained after the start of the competition


Giovanni Lo Celso, who violated quarantine rules, has become difficult to play up to five games.

Brazil and Argentina were scheduled to play a match in the sixth round of the 2022 Qatar World Cup qualifying round in South America on the 6th (Korea time). There was also a kickoff.

However, the game was suspended. The game ended due to a violation of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) prevention rules.

The problem was the Argentine national team’s Premier League players. In Brazil, only those who come from the UK will be given 14 days of quarantine. Therefore, the Brazilian national team did not recruit the Premier Leaguers for the third consecutive South American qualifying round.

In Argentina, Rocellso and Romero, Emiliano Martenis and Buendia entered Brazil. Eventually, the problem arose.

To make matters worse, Brazil is on the verge of forfeiture due to the game. Although it has not been decided correctly, the South American Football Federation has announced disciplinary action against Brazil.

On the other hand, Lo Celso and other Premier League players are in a difficult situation to play for a long time. “Rosello and other players did not report their presence in the UK when they entered Brazil,” the Daily Mail said. Therefore, two weeks of self-quarantine is needed in Brazil. After returning to the UK, he will also have to quarantine for 10 days. He cannot play at least three Premier League matches and one Carabao Cup match. “We will not be able to participate in the Europa Conference games.”

On the other hand London is described as “Brazil – Brazilian health authorities after Argentina game and police were dispatched after Argentina players into custody.” football.

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