It’s the start of the season Smoking vacation on Hames Ibiza Island?

It’s the start of the season Smoking vacation on Hames Ibiza Island?


“The Everton midfielder, who has been offered a transfer, is resting on Ibiza Island.”

It is the story of James Rodriguez, 30. With the opening of the league, Hames has not played a single game for Everton this season. This is because Rafael Benitez, 61, who was newly appointed this summer, was not included in the plan.

The Sun reported on the 5th (Korean time) that “Hames was seen taking a break with his friends and holding electronic cigarettes in his hands while thinking about the future.”

Hames left Real Madrid for Everton last season. Reunited with Carlo Ancelotti, 62, Hames showed good performance as an attacking midfielder and right winger in Diamond 4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1 formation and played well with the team early in the season.

However, Hames’ position has changed this season. Coach Ancelotti, who used to emphasize himself in Real Madrid and Everton, left, and to make matters worse, coach Benitez, who was a bad player during Real Madrid, took the helm.

Everton then went on to sell Hames in the summer transfer window. It was planned to sell it for a reasonable transfer fee, and a number of teams such as AC Milan and FC Porto were mentioned. At the end of the transfer window, Istanbul Bashakshehir of Turkey emerged as a strong destination, but Kames chose to stay 파워볼사이트

In this situation, Hames was even criticized by fans. “I don’t know which player is playing in Everton,” Hames said on his personal broadcast, along with his situation. “If you know anyone, please let me know,” he said, infuriating fans.

Meanwhile, the media reported on Hames, who is now resting on Ibiza Island, saying, “Ibiza is now an amber country according to the British Immigration Guidelines. “It means that if you want to avoid self-quarantine, you have to be vaccinated against Coronavirus,” he said. “If Hamas finds out about Everton’s list, it will provoke anger among some Everton fans.”

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