Divorce after eight years of marriage with Kate Bosworth’s

Divorce after eight years of marriage with Kate Bosworth’s film director husband


Kate Bosworth announced her divorce after eight years of marriage.

Katie Bosworth announced her divorce from Michael Polisch on August 5 (local time).

“The beginning of love is often the best part of love,” Kate Bosworth said. “When you’re in love, you can share a hamburger with someone and die happily even if you know it’s your last meal,” he said, starting with a long story about love 여성전용마사지

“We’ve never been as mesmerized and deeply grateful to each other as in our decision to break up. “For the past 10 years, Michael and I have chosen love every time,” he said. “We hold hands as if we were at a wedding today. We looked deeper into each other’s eyes and plucked up more courage. In the process of letting go, we acknowledged that our love would never end. Relationships do not simply disappear. “Love deepens and widens,” he said, adding that he respects each other even though his marriage is over.

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish married in August 2013.

Kate Bosworth has appeared in “Blue Crush,” “Beyond the Sea,” “Remember Titan,” “The Fifth Season,” “The Best Date of My Life,” “Superman Returns” and “21” since her debut in 1998. In particular, Kate Bosworth worked with actress Jang Dong-gun in 2010’s “Warrior’s Way” and received keen attention in Korea.

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