Do you know how to escape from a swamp called a stopover?

Do you know how to escape from a swamp called a stopover?


I’ll give you a method for the person you want.”

There was a high school girl with short hair and a young face in a school uniform. It is Baek So-jin from tvN drama ‘How’. Jung Ji-so is the actor who played So-jin, who made people’s hands and feet cringe through curse and eventually led them to death. When I realized that it was Jung Ji-so who played Dahye, a high school girl who had fallen in love with a private tutor who had a plan in the movie Parasite, there were so many people who were stunned. The gap between the roles was significant. Considering that breathing is remembered as a character in the work, it was a moment when I felt in my gut that an actor who knew how to act properly appeared.

The drama “How” that has gained much popularity breaking the genre limitation of occult dramas is welcoming the audience by changing into the movie “How to: Regeneration.” Born as a child actor Hyun Seung-min of “May Queen” through “Parasite,” he is making another representative work through “Method.” As the work moves to the screen, the biggest change is the action of exhaustion. The move, which was limited to putting a curse on the back of the case under the setting of a high school student, was a three-year-old release of the shackles along with the flow of the drama. Considering that there are not many cases where female actions are drawn in the Korean film industry, the action of “Method: Re-Cha” was a valuable experience for the station.

“I think I’ve gotten a little better when I was in the drama. In the drama, I usually showed my quiet side. I wanted to show you my dynamic side after seeing Cho Minsoo’s good acting, but I was really looking forward to it because I was able to act through this movie. I wanted to show you something cool. As much as there was wind, we did our best to prepare it. We’ve worked really hard to show you how much we’ve grown.”

It is very rare for Korean content to expand its scope from drama to movie. It is also unusual that a sequel will be produced immediately. In that sense, the station was very lucky. After “Parasite,” I was able to bring all the good memories of the drama into the new film. Not having to adapt to a new environment is a huge gift for a young actor. You can’t ignore the pleasure of meeting your school senior at your new company. The first time in the drama and the first time in this film production, when I first saw seniors like Girasung, were different.

“When I was filming the drama, I got close to my seniors in the latter half of the year. They were such great seniors that it was hard for me to approach them easily from the beginning. I was a bit shy. That was a bummer, but it was so good to see you again at the movie set. During our first schedule, Jiwon was so excited and welcomed us. And during “Jaecha’s” shoot, they treated me as an actor who worked with me, rather than saying A lot of people asked for my opinion. We communicated a lot more than we did in the drama, and we were able to film it comfortably.

“No” is the so-called “friendly” actor who approaches his seniors at the filming site armed with his junior’s aegyo. Maybe he looks like Sojin in the drama. This is why the order between seniors and juniors is ingrained as he has experience as a figure skater. However, she was also the owner of a cute act that wanted to attract the attention of her senior Umjiwon when she bled a little because of her earrings. That’s right. If you approach your senior on the field and learn something more, nothing will be better for your junior actor.

“I’ve been inspired by Umji since the drama. It was the same in this movie. I really admire the fact that I think and care more when I act. In the case of “The Way,” since it’s my favorite genre and subject, I thought that I just enjoyed acting. Thanks to Jiwon, I was able to think about the message and intentions. It was an opportunity for me to think about how I could interact with the other actors when I was acting.

“How to: Re-Cha” depicts three years from the end of the drama. Since the drama ends with disappearing, question marks on the whereabouts of exhaustion continued among maniacs. The same was true of his epic story, but there was one more question from the fans. It was So-jin’s appearance change from high school student to adult. And the visual of the station shines with its first appearance. Sojin, who had always been dark-faced in the shadow of the method, found inner peace after three years of performance. The stop said, “Sojin has gotten really pretty. “I’m finally done wasting my visuals,” he said, smiling in embarrassment 부산출장마사지

“Sojin’s hair grew a lot around me. There was a reaction that said I lost weight. To express the passage of time, I had short hair and extensions. I tried to express my tone and voice more maturely. I love eating when I’m on a diet. I think I lost a lot of weight through dancing because I like dancing. I think you lose weight easily when you do what you like. My mom likes shopping, so she lost weight while shopping around.(laugh)”

Diet is not the only thing that follows when you do what you like. Actor Jung Ji-so’s presence was getting bigger when he performed his favorite performance over dancing. Among enthusiasts, the signature of the “how” is the “good” scene. In the previous film, Cho Min-soo and Kim Shin-rok (played by Sojin’s mother) showed off their intense charisma. This “Method: Re-Cha” contains the good that Sojin performs in Japan to control evil spirits. When So-jin’s appearance at that time said, “It reminded me of San, the main character in the animation ‘Mononoke Hime’ directed by Hayao Miyazaki,” he said, “It was my idea.” Jung Ji-so was growing from a young actor who would have been busy playing a role to an actor who could find and develop the fun of his work and acting.

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