Dodgers injured players who won 8 games in a row are coming back

Dodgers injured players who won 8 games in a row are coming back Start to solidify their victory


The LA Dodgers, which currently has eight consecutive wins and remains the No. 1 player in the National League West, are expected to put their wings on the return schedule of the injured players.

The Dodgers won eight consecutive games with a 7-4 victory over the San Francisco Giants in the 2022 Major League Baseball at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California, on the 25th (Korea Standard Time).

It also boosted the mood by achieving a sweep in four consecutive games against rival San Francisco in 27 years since 1995. The Dodgers, who won 64 games (30 losses) with the victory, beat the second-place San Diego Padres by 11.5 games to stay in first place. The Dodgers are also ranked first in the major leagues, ahead of the New York Yankees.

On top of that, the Dodgers are expected to add more wings. Left-hander Andrew Heaney, who has been wearing a Dodgers uniform since this season, will return to the Washington Nationals on the 28th.

Hini showed better performance than expected with one win, no loss, and ERA 0.59 23 strikeouts. However, he was on the injured list twice due to an injury to his left elbow, and only appeared in three games. After a long rehabilitation and practice game, he finally takes the mound 토토사이트

On top of that, Chris Taylor, who was on the injured list earlier this month due to a left foot fracture, finally caught the bat. He was focused on recovery and finally participated in batting training. Coach Dave Roberts said, “If Taylor stays this way, he will start rehabilitation within a week.”

Also, Blake Trinen and Dustin May are currently pitching in bullpen pitching and practice games, and are expected to return side by side in mid-to-late August

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