Enjoy a vacation with Baek Jong-won’s children

Enjoy a vacation with Baek Jong-won’s children and enjoy samgyetang


Actors Soyoujin and Baek Jong-won made samgyetang after a pleasant vacation.

On the 26th, Soyoujin posted on Instagram, “You can’t say no to daddy’s bbq!” “The vacation is over~ Back to my daily life~” and posted a video

In the video, Baek Jong-won is grilling meat. Soyuzin showed off her bubbly charm in a striped robe, while her children smiled and held up their thumbs

DinDin responded by saying, “Good dad is working hard on the shoot.” In response, Soyoujin replied, “Cheer up, everyone.”

Since then, he has been making samgyetang for the second time

Soyoujin married Baek Jong-won, a culinary researcher, in 2013 and has one son and two daughters.

He was recently cast as Kim Ji-young in the play “Kim Ji-young Born in 1982”

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