Don’t mess with me manger Schurger Roberts Why are you so what?

Don’t mess with me manger Schurger Roberts Why are you so what?


LA Dodgers manager Dave Roberts (49) made a mistake on pitcher Max Schuer (37), who has a fiery personality. I shouldn’t have tapped my butt and heard a word.

Coach Roberts released an anecdote with Shuer in an interview with ESPN, who was in charge of the New York Mets match on the 16th (Korea time), during the game in the top of the fourth inning. It happened in the first game of the Dodgers’ transfer to the Houston Astros on the 5th after joining the Washington Nationals as a trade.

Roberts tapped his butt to encourage Shuer, who came into the dugout after finishing the inning. It was too natural for Roberts, who usually raises the mood of a dugout by actively touching the players.

At this moment, however, Schwarzenegger responded sensitively by saying to himself, “Don’t touch me.” Roberts, who was suspicious of his ears after hearing this, reportedly asked Schwarzer if he was right to say so after the game. “That was the most polite thing to say” from Schurger.

“Schurger doesn’t want to touch his body during the game. He said he didn’t need any congratulations, and he said he was doing what he was doing. “I won’t pat Schuer’s ass in the future,” drawing laughter from ESPN’s relay.

Many starting pitchers become very sensitive ahead of their appearance. Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw doesn’t even talk to him on the starting day. Shuer is similar in style, but he doesn’t even like to be touched during the game. Yangcheon branch Hansori after listening to Scherzer, Roberts, he didn’t count on the director of the game, touch the body, not doing.

The same goes for the Mets match. When Schurger hit a sacrifice fly in the sixth inning and entered the dugout, Roberts pretended not to know. After focusing entirely on the game, Scherzer overcame defensive instability and won his 10th win of the season with four hits, two walks, seven strikeouts and two runs in six innings.

“He has a record of six innings, but he has thrown more than seven innings (as a defensive error).” There were several difficulties, but they escaped well and minimized damage. He didn’t bat an eye in the face of the crisis. “That’s why I’m making him great,” he’s great.”

Shuer, who won three Cy Young awards, is also famous for his hot personality. There is also an episode in which he was responsible until the end of the inning by refusing to replace the coach while throwing 117 pitches during the Washington. In the 2019 postseason, he led Washington to win its first World Series title by volunteering for relief. This year, he responded to the Philadelphia Phillies by shouting at opposing team coach George Giradi, who requested a foreign substance test.

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