Fencing flower boy Kim Jun-ho signed a contract with Ha Ji-won

Fencing flower boy Kim Jun-ho signed a contract with Ha Ji-won and Hansot Bob


Fencing gold medalist Kim Jun-ho signed an exclusive contract with Hae and Dal Entertainment.

Kim Joon-ho, the gold medalist in the men’s sabre team competition at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, signed an exclusive contract with Hae-dal Entertainment and will eat with Ha Ji-won, a national actress. Kim Jun-ho was also known as the “Appenzers,” an F4 player in the fencing world, along with Kim Jung-hwan, Koo Bon-gil and Oh Sang-wook, who caught the eye with his outstanding fencing skills at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

In particular, Kim Jun-ho appeared on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” and SBS’ “Master in the House,” which aired on the 14th and 15th respectively, showing his potential as an entertainer with his eye-catching appearance and unexpected talk. In particular, “Knowing Bros” showed a “personal fight” that Kang Ho-dong throws with a fencing knife, and honestly expressed his feelings at the time when Kim Jung-hwan’s re-joining of the national team prevented him from participating in the individual Olympic Games.

Through this exclusive contract, Kim Joon-ho said, “I will try to promote fencing more widely by working as an active fencer as well as various activities in the broadcasting industry.” Kim Joon-ho’s agency, Hae Moon Entertainment, also said, “I am happy to join Kim Joon-ho’s new challenge, which has a lot of potential as an entertainer,” and “I will actively support broadcasting activities with professional management capabilities 부산출장마사지

Meanwhile, Hae and Dal Entertainment, which signed exclusive contracts with Kim Joon-ho, are affiliated with Ha Ji-won, “God Stealer” Choi Dong-gu, rising star Moon Jin-seung and voice actor Park Na-yeon.

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