Flexible denture’s pros and cons is 8 million won

Flexible denture’s pros and cons is 8 million won for magnetic dentures in their 70s?


Q: I have a mother in her early 70s. It costs about 8 million won to get a magnetic denture with 7 upper and 7 lower teeth left.

How about flexible dentures? I heard there’s no air circulation, would it be inappropriate for the old mother to fit? I wonder what are the pros and cons.

A: Flexible dentures are dentures that use elastic flexible materials instead of past solid lower-grade resin materials. It’s suitable for people with bad gums. The shape of the gums can be used to maintain 100% false teeth, so they do not come out easily. Also, it has an aesthetic advantage that the ring color can be arbitrarily adjusted to maintain false teeth. However, because the ingredients themselves are elastic, there is movement when eating food. There is a disadvantage of gum irritation and absorption of gum bones when used for a long period of time.

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