Fraser multi-hit infielder Kim Ha-sung had no time to play

Fraser multi-hit infielder Kim Ha-sung had no time to play.


Adam Fraser, wearing a San Diego uniform as a trade, held a fierce welcoming ceremony in front of home fans. While the infielders cheered up, Kim Ha-sung had no time to come out.

San Diego beat Auckland 7-4 at Petco Park in San Diego, California, on the 28th (Korea time). Fraser, the “League’s Most Hits No. 1” who recently joined San Diego in a 1-3 trade with Pittsburgh, played as the starting left fielder, drawing keen attention, and the first game was a passing point.

Fraser stepped down with a left-fielder in the first inning, but set the stage for the third inning, trailing 0-3. Fraser, who entered the batter’s box after two outs, hit an infield hit in the second baseman’s direction and opened the door. Here, Tatis Jr.’s two-run shot closed the gap to one point.

Fraser also spearheaded the attack in his next at-bats. In the fifth inning, which was 2-3 down, Fraser sent runner Karatini to third base with a left-handed hit. San Diego loaded the bases with Tatis Jr.’s walk on first and third bases with one out, and Cronenworth’s two-run timely hit and Machado’s decisive three-run homerun hit one after another, making it 7-3.

San Diego secured a four-point lead and narrowed the game gap to 2.5 games against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the second-largest team in the world, who lost to San Francisco on the same day. Kim Ha-sung didn’t have the right time to come out. The double switch of outfielder Pam, who is the pitcher’s batter and fifth batter’s batter’s batter’s batter’s batter’s substitute was given a chance first by outfielders Profa and Myers. Kim Ha-sung took a day off that day.

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