Kim Minjae

Kim Minjae, you’re going to Turkey instead of Porto

Kim Minjae, you’re going to Turkey instead of Porto. I like your personal conditions.

Kim Minjae

“Monster” Kim Min-jae (Beijing Guo An) is expected to make his first debut in Europe.

According to soccer officials, Kim Min-jae is leaning toward a love call from a club in Turkey.

Porto has been mentioned as Kim Min-jae’s European team. Porto negotiated with Beijing over the transfer of Kim Min-jae. Although Jeonbuk Hyundai, the pro-government team, carried out the recruitment process by guaranteeing the highest level of treatment ever in the K-League, Kim Min-jae refused, citing his entry into Europe.

However, Kim Min-jae had difficulties in negotiating with Porto. The main reasons were the duration of the contract and the bypass. Porto wants a five-year contract, but Kim Min-jae demanded a three-year contract. Also, the buy-out amount was too much for the other team to offer in the future. It was a contract condition that could be disadvantageous for Kim Min-jae.

At this time, the Turkish team, which was interested in Kim Min-jae, made a tempting suggestion. The buyout amount for the three-year contract Kim Min-jae wanted was about half of the amount offered by Porto. “Kim Min-jae seems to be leaning toward Turkey,” a soccer official said.

Meanwhile, Turkish media “Aspor” recently mentioned Kim Min-jae among the seven players released by Galatasaray Fatih Terim, saying, “This is the list of players that Coach Fatih wants.” Already, rumors have been raised that Galatasaray will recruit Kim Min-jae since late June.

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