Galaxy S23

Galaxy S23 does not use Exynos and only has Snapdragon

Galaxy S23 does not use Exynos and only has Snapdragon

Galaxy S23

It is known that Samsung Electronics’ next-generation smartphone Galaxy S23 will only be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon, not Exynos, Samsung Electronics’ own mobile application processor (AP).

AP, called the “brain of smartphones,” is a system semiconductor that is in charge of calculating mobile devices and driving multimedia, and is a key component that leads the performance of smart devices.

GSM Arena, an overseas IT media outlet, reported on the 4th (local time) that the Galaxy S23 series will be equipped with Snapdragon 82nd generation products in common with global models.

In a recent earnings announcement conference call, Qualcomm Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Akashi Falkiwala said expectations are high for the first quarter of next year. This is when the Galaxy S23 series is released. He also explained that the proportion of Qualcomm chipsets, which was 75% in the Galaxy S22 series, will expand to global models in the Galaxy S23.

In addition, Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon also said that Samsung Electronics will adopt Qualcomm chipsets for global models of Galaxy premium smartphones by signing a multi-year contract with Samsung Electronics.

Earlier, Exynos, which will enter premium smartphones in the first half of this year, reportedly had difficulty in mass supply of Galaxy S22 due to yield (ratio of products that are accepted without defects). Market watchers also observed that Samsung Electronics will stop its Exynos business and start developing new APs. 사설토토

Since then, Samsung Electronics has rejected rumors of a suspension of Exynos business at a conference call for its second-quarter earnings announcement on July 28, saying, “We are pushing to strengthen our competitiveness in the mid- to long-term.” As a result, some predict that Samsung Electronics will introduce Qualcomm Snapdragon for premium smartphones and Exynos for low-end and low-end smartphones.

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