Gapjil Noje Iki Jet Sun Expiration Date is Coming Dancer

Gapjil Noje Iki Jet Sun Expiration Date is Coming Dancer Syndrome


Dancers from Swoopa have been embroiled in controversy day after day after day. A total of 46 dancers appeared on Mnet’s Women’s Fight last year. Among them, there are about 8 to 10 dancers who remain in people’s memory. SWUFA dancers who wanted to raise their status as dancers. For about a year, he earned money with popularity, but did not gain honor.

Recently, Nohje has been rumored to be a “advertising controversy.” Noje, who promoted products on his SNS and received money. The company that entrusted the promotion explained that it did not fulfill the contract. Non-luxury promotional feeds were quickly deleted after posting. allegations of discrimination against brand names and other brands His appearance as an unknown dancer just a year ago is enough to be reprimanded

Hook’s Iki is no different. Aiki’s unprofessional handling caused problems. Hook and Aiki to participate in a club performance. The concert organizer was informed that Aiki would not come on the day of the concert. The performance promotion company deposited the entire cost of the performance, but there was no contact from Hook.

Aki’s agency, Estim Entertainment, has issued a statement on the controversy. The ES team said that prior consultations were not properly conducted. However, the decision to cancel the performance on the day of the performance is difficult to understand.

It is the controversy over the power abuse that has also hampered Coca-Cola N Butter Jet Sun. She gained popularity as a ‘Strong Sister’ character when she appeared on the show. The image on the air was the same as it was in real life. Mr. A exposed the power abuse of Jet Sun. Mr. A had to wash both Jet Sun’s clothes and underwear and give him a full-body massage. He said he cut A’s hair however he wanted

The perception of dancers before the show was low. The show gained popularity and the dancers made their names known. 46 dancers who were confident that they would promote their careers. About a year has passed. Analysts say that only individual stock prices have risen rather than the status of the industry.

The leaders of each team are appearing on a number of broadcasts. A life that reminds me of a celebrity. Character performance and talk skills are being highlighted rather than the professionalism of dancers. The limitation of the content of dance. It is no longer possible to find novelty for dancers from Sufa. The same subject and the same character are raising viewers’ fatigue.

The production team, which led the “dance” format, is also hard to avoid criticism. CJ ENM, which created Swoopa, made “Ttukttak’s Counterattack,” “Be Ambitious,” “Street Girls Fighter” and “Street Man Fighter” after the success of Swoopa. The lack of unusual attempts is why novelty has dropped. the dance scene consumed as a subject of entertainment The composition of broadcasters for certain dancers is undermining the industry’s status.

The expiration date for dancers is approaching. A lot of gossip is creating negative public opinion about dancers. Why Proudman Monica’s emphasis on expertise is so popular

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