Yankees’ Padres in Pittsburgh’s Top Batter Recruitment Game

Yankees’ Padres in Pittsburgh’s Top Batter Recruitment Game


With the transfer market just around the corner, claims have been made that the New York Yankees are aiming for Brian Reynolds (27, Pittsburgh Pirates).

The New York Post, a U.S. media outlet, reported on the 7th (local time) that “Reynolds is drawing attention from the Yankees and other clubs.”

“The Yankees are looking at Reynolds, Ian Hep (27, Chicago Cubs), and Andrew Benintendi (28, Kansas City Royals) to strengthen their outfield power,” the media said.

Currently, Yankees outfielder Joey Gallo (28) is rumored to be traded due to poor performance, and Giancarlo Stanton (32) is criticized for not performing well due to frequent injuries. If the media’s prediction is correct, the Yankees will be able to complete the “outfielder trio” that leads to Aaron Judge (30, Yankees) – Reynolds – Benintendi 코인파워볼

Earlier in April, Reynolds agreed to a two-year contract of $13.5 million (about 17.556 billion won), and is currently receiving love calls from other clubs.

“The San Diego Padres want Reynolds strongly,” said Jack Clark, a journalist at the East Village Times, adding, “The Padres want to strengthen the outfield’s power and believe that Reynolds will be able to fill the disappointment of Jurickson Prof. (29).

Fans are paying keen attention to which team Reynolds will wear

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