Real estate agent Seo Kyung-seok did it for 4 years

Real estate agent Seo Kyung-seok did it for 4 years a wave of congratulations


Broadcaster Seo Kyung-seok is being congratulated for opening his office.

Seo Kyung-seok recently announced the opening of the YouTube channel Seo Kyung-seok TV office through his Instagram.

In response, Seo Kyung-seok, who certified the visit of the radio program “Women’s Generation Yang Hee-eun and Seo Kyung-seok,” expressed his gratitude, saying, “Thank you.”

The released photo showed Seo Kyung-seok smiling while cutting the cake. Congratulations on opening the office of “Seo Kyungseok TV” It also drew attention by releasing a photo with the phrase “Welcome to the production team of the Women’s Generation.”

Netizens left congratulatory messages for Seo Kyung-seok with comments such as “It’s cool,” “Have a successful life,” and “Have a prosperous life.”

Meanwhile, Seo Kyung-seok opened Seo Kyung-seok TV in 2018. In particular, Seo Kyung-seok finally passed the real estate agent test after re-challenge last year, drawing a lot of attention

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