Griezmann Atletti L De Yong Barsa Saul Chelsea Triangular

Griezmann Atletti L De Yong Barsa Saul Chelsea Triangular Deal is complete.


One of the best triangular deals is completed.

La Liga’s Atlético Madrid, FC Barcelona and English Premier League Chelsea FC announced on their official website on the 1st that Antoine Griezmann, Luke De Yong and Saul Nigues will be recruited, respectively.

As expected, the most talked-about recruitment is Griezmann’s trip to Atletti. There is a full recruitment clause after a season’s lease. Griezmann played as Atlétti’s ace from 2014 to 2019. However, when his teammates were fighting in the UEFA Champions League, he was criticized for negotiating with Barca. The “DISJEON Show,” which announces its destination on the air, has also been criticized. Attention is focusing on whether he will turn the hearts of Atlétti fans with his active performance.

Instead of leaving Griezmann, Barsa held the Dutch national team Luke De Yong in his arms. Among the three players, he is the player with the most recent form. We have to wait and see if Barca can save Deyong.

Saul, the heart of Atletti, has taken on a new challenge at Chelsea. There is an optional transfer option after a season’s lease. Attention is focusing on whether Saul, who has had difficulties since kidney surgery, will be in the EPL.

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