It’s not enough yet. Retired world’s top junior back on active

It’s not enough yet. Retired world’s top junior back on active duty, joining the 32nd team.


Uruguayan national team striker Sebastian Abreu, who retired from 31 teams for the past 26 years and gained worldwide attention, suddenly changed his mind. He returned to active duty as if he was not satisfied yet and saved his 32nd team.

Argentine media TyC Sports reported that Abreu announced his return to active duty and joined Olympia de Minas, a member of the Uruguayan regional league Campeonato Minuano. “My dream came true,” said Olympia de Minas. Abreu officially achieved his dream of wearing an Olympia jersey. “Welcome home,” he said on social media.

Olympia de Minas is a small club based in Minas, Abreu’s hometown. Since the team is in a very poor situation, it seems that Abreu asked Abreu to play as a player, which Abreu seems to have responded readily.

In Abreu, who is 44 years old this year, it is very difficult to show his best performance, but through his return to active duty, he has set another record. Now Abreu is playing for the 32nd team in 12 countries in 26 years.

The following is a list of countries and teams that Abreu has gone through.

Uruguay: Depensor Sporting, Nacional, Central Espanyol, Boston River, Sud America, Olympia de Minas 안전놀이터

Argentina: San Lorenzo, River Plate, Rosario Central

Brazil: Gremio, Botapogu, Figurence, Hiu Brancu, Banggu, Aspectic Club

Chile: Deportes Puerto Mont, Udax Italiano, Deportes Magayanes

Spain: Deportivo La Corunia, Real Sociedad

Mexico: Tecos, America, Cruz Asul, Monterrey, San Luis, Dorados de Cinaloa, Tigress

Paraguay: Sol de America

Ecuador: Ukas

El Salvador: Santa Tekla.

Greece: Aris Salonica

Israel: Beitar Jerusalem

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