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Guns & Roses injured fan in 30-year-old traditional ‘mike throw’…

Guns & Roses injured fan in 30-year-old traditional ‘mike throw’…”Stop now”

Guns & Roses

The 30-year tradition of the American hard rock band “Guns N’ Roses” ended.

According to foreign media such as USA Today and Sky News on the 4th (local time), Guns & Roses’ frontman Axl Rose decided not to throw the microphone anymore after a woman claimed to have been injured by the microphone she threw at an Australian concert.

Rebecca Howe, who claims to have been injured by Rose’s thrown microphone, “has bruised her face. Axle is ‘parada'”I warned you to get ready to bend down when you call Paradise City.”

Rose then declared on social media on the 3rd, “I will no longer throw a microphone at my fans.”

“We don’t want anyone hurt in the concert hall. “It was known that fans had a chance to hold the microphone and fans wanted it as they threw the microphone in the crowd at the end of the performance for 30 years,” he said, asking fans for their understanding that he would no longer throw anything as well as microphones in the audience for safety.

Earlier, a similar incident occurred at a concert in Perth, Australia, in March 2013. At the end of the concert, Darren Wright sued Rose for damaging her two front teeth due to her throwing the microphone.

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