Han Ga-in

Han Ga-in, at the age of 22, said, “Did you eat at your in-laws’ restaurant?”

Han Ga-in, at the age of 22, said, “Did you eat at your in-laws’ restaurant?” (‘Handless Day’) in the story of “500 heads of kimchi” in-laws’ extreme in-laws’

Han Ga-in

“Handless Day” Shin Dong-yeop and Han Ga-in will operate a memory moving service to support the “Busan Migration” of their clients in their 50s who have experienced a turbulent life like a roller coaster.

JTBC’s entertainment show “Day Without Hands” (directed by Kim Min-seok, Park Geun-hyung, writer Noh Jin-young) is a program that tells the life story of citizens who dream of a new start to a strange place until they decide to move. The current progressive story is related to the “movement” at the peak of life’s ups and downs, such as the division after marriage, the first independence of life, the increase and decrease of family.

In the sixth episode, which will air today (30th), Shin Dong-yeop and Han Ga-in will listen to Lim Chae-bi’s story of moving to Busan from Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, for the second act of her life. Above all, the client spent the first act of his turbulent life experiencing all the dramatic events that could only be met in novels such as “Cinderella,” “Billy Elliott,” and “The Wizard of Oz.” As a result, curiosity rises vertically in the meeting with a client who chose to go to Busan alone for the second act of a peaceful life and the story he will deliver.

At the time of the recording, Shin Dong-yeop and Han Ga-in couldn’t close their mouths at every story their client brought up. Han Ga-in told the client that she had experienced extreme marriage at the age of 22, saying, “Only kimchi gave up 500 heads,” and that she was surprised, saying, “Did you run a restaurant at your in-laws’ house?” In addition, Shin Dong-yeop is rumored to have put his tongue out at the client’s story of experiencing a day when his house was cut in half by a tornado that occurred in 100 years during his immigration to Canada. In addition, Han Ga-in burst into tears while talking to her client on this day and confessed a secret she had never told anyone.

Attention is focusing on the main broadcast on what the client’s story that made Han Ga-in cry and what the secret story Han Ga-in will bring up.

The neighbor’s sympathetic healing story “Moving Variety” and JTBC’s “Handless Day,” which will slowly stir up the emotions of viewers’ hearts, airs every Friday evening at 8:50 p.m. 안전놀이터

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