Spears 12-year-old younger husband stops him like ..

Spears 12-year-old younger husband stops him like that, but again, a nude video?


I don’t listen to anyone now. No matter what anyone says, I’m walking my way.

World-renowned pop star Spears (41) posted another nude video. He posted a video of him showering in the bathroom on Instagram on the 23rd (local time).

The post came after his husband Sam Asgari, 29, confessed he preferred not to post nude content on social media.

Asgari recently said, “I don’t want my wife to post such a post, but I can’t manage her who has lived a controlled life all her life.”

Spears’ son Jayden Federline (15) also said in an interview with ITV News in the UK, “My mother is posting pictures on Instagram to attract attention. It is highly likely that it will not stop. I’m hoping to stop,” he said.

Some analysts say that Spears’ reason for uploading nude videos is her confidence in her body.

Women’s Health recently said, “He has been keeping a pretty slim figure even at the age of 40 by consistently posting videos of enjoying aerobic dance and regularly strengthening his abs,” adding, “He has become a ‘queen of confidence’.”

He was a pop singer who had a long career and had a great influence at one time, although it became an old story after his heyday. In the early 2000s, he was a unique princess of pop, and in the middle of the year, he was a star who succeeded in making a splendid comeback in the second half due to Hollywood’s bad behavior, and representing the 2000s. The records below prove that. Britney’s influence on the K-pop scene is also significant. It is also a symbol of teen pop, and Britney has often been benchmarked in Korea, such as her flamboyant dance skills and the image of a cute and friendly idol. Plagiarism is also common. Although album sales have decreased significantly, it is a natural step considering the decline in the music market. Nevertheless, the name value is still strong, and if you do a side business related to cooperation with magazines and fashion companies, it is great considering that it often appears in popular search words and continues to set small records.

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