Kim Kyung-jin

Kim Kyung-jin’s wife who helps him work at a restaurant

Kim Kyung-jin’s wife who helps him work at a restaurant. I’m sorry, but I’m determined to succeed looking at Jeon

Kim Kyung-jin

Comedian Kim Kyung-jin thanked his wife Jeon Soo-min for her help, which touched my heart.

Kim Kyung-jin said on the 28th, “My wife is an angel~~”I have to work as a pilates instructor, do housework, and help with restaurant work when I have time.I’m sorry and sorry to see you dozing off after finishing the restaurant. And I’m the driving force behind my success!” he released a video of his wife dozing off on the subway.

He then added a hashtag, “#King Milano #Awesome #Success #People who laughed #His throat is blown away.” Milan Wang is a newly opened fusion restaurant in Insa-dong by Kim Kyung-jin. It is a fusion marapasta restaurant that combines Italian and Chinese styles.

Many fans cheered for the couple who lived hard while relying on each other.

Meanwhile, Kim Kyung-jin and Jeon Soo-min met at the introduction of broadcaster LJ and formed a couple relationship in 2021.

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