High five with referee Wolverhampton who sent off two Arsenal players

High five with referee Wolverhampton who sent off two Arsenal players.


After Wolverhampton’s 2-1 come-from-behind victory over Arsenal, Jo£o Mutinho smiled broadly and put his fist together with referee Craig Pawson. This behavior, which is common when the whistle blows at the end of the game, has become controversial. The reason is that two red cards brought out by referee Fausson had a decisive impact on Wolverhampton’s victory.

Wolverhampton beat Arsenal 2-1 in the 22nd round of the English Premier League in the 2020-21 season at Molinho Stadium in Wolverhampton, England on the 3rd (Korea time) 토토사이트

Arsenal scored the first goal. In the 32nd minute of the first half, Nicola Pepe shook the net with a right-footed shot after breaking through from the side alone.

However, the flow of the game has changed on one red card. Wolverhampton striker Willian Theme collapsed in the extra time of the first half. Referee Fausson stopped the game and after confirming the VAR, he pulled out a red card to David Ruiz and declared a penalty. It was seen that the subject tripped over Louise’s foot that followed. Hooben Neves scored a penalty kick to make it 1-1.

Arsenal, whose one was sent off, lost control and allowed Jo£o Mutinho to score a come-from-behind goal in the fourth minute of the second half.

Judge Fausson’s red card came out one more. It was Arsenal’s side again. In the 27th minute of the second half, goalkeeper Bernd Leno was ordered to leave the game after judging that he used his arm to hit the ball outside the penalty box. Leno was falsely accused of not being an arm, but the decision did not change. The nine-man Arsenal fell to their knees without a chance to counterattack.

After the game, the first red card became a hot topic. It is difficult to confirm whether there was physical contact with Louise, and even if there was, it is not a direct exit. Former Chelsea defender John Terry tweeted, “It’s never a red card.”

After the game, the photo captured by ESPN became more controversial. ESPN posted a photo of Mutinho smiling and high-fiving with referee Fausson after the match. One fan said, “Mutinho is saying ‘Thank you’ on the red card. “The Premier League and FIFA should investigate,” another fan said, “Wolverhampton won their first victory in 2021 with two red cards.” “It was a great performance by the new Craig Fausson,” he said.

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