Drama Stage 2021 Gong Seung-yeon Nam Gyu-ri’s lineup

Drama Stage 2021 Gong Seung-yeon Nam Gyu-ri’s lineup will air on March 3rd


tvN’s one-act drama “Drama Stage 2021” will premiere on March 3.

Since its debut in 2017, tvN’s one-act drama project “Drama Stage,” which catches the eye of viewers with fresh materials and original production every year, will return to this year’s drama “Rama Stage 2021 “Drama Stage 2021,” which will premiere at 12 p.m. on March 3rd (Wednesday), is expected to attract viewers with 10 differentiated works that can also be seen only in one-act dramas this year.

tvN’s “Drama Stage” consists of 10 works that were elected in CJ ENM’s “O’PEN” (hereinafter referred to as “O’PEN”), a project to support new storytellers. Each season’s high-quality one-act plays based on the ingenious stories of new artists are considered significant challenges in terms of improving the diversity of content, both inside and outside the industry. Starting in 2017, it has produced a total of 129 new drama and movie writers so far this year.

Among them, Park Joo-yeon, Shin Ha-eun, and Lee Ah-yeon, the second artist, drew attention by releasing tvN’s “Black Dog,” “The Man Who Became King” and Netflix’s “Love Ring,” respectively. In addition, a number of Oppen artists have not only debuted on terrestrial, cable, and global OTT, but also established themselves as a gateway for new artists by announcing their awards at international film festivals. “Drama Stage 2020,” which was released last year, also showed outstanding materials and various genres, drawing favorable reviews that it conveyed the challenges and growth value of one-act dramas.

This year’s newly introduced “Drama Stage 2021” showed fresh imagination by new artists under the theme of “The Story That Could Happen to Us Soon.” In the not-too-distant future, we plan to capture the big and small events that happen in our daily lives with a lively development and sensuous production. In particular, stories that add SF and fantasy genres to our daily lives, which sometimes change slightly and sometimes sharply, will stop for a while and throw a controversial topic in an era where everything changes rapidly.

It will also add to the spotlight by confirming the appearance of directors who have been well-equipped with high-quality works on various platforms such as cable and global OTT, and actors who have excellent acting skills in meeting new artists. In addition, it has a colorful lineup of actors such as Gong Seung-yeon, Nam Gyu-ri, Park Se-wan, Park Ha-sun, Ahn So-hee, Lee Joo-bin, Lim Chae-moo, and Shin Dong-mi.

A total of 10 films to be released this time are ‘Kwanjong’ (written by Lee Bom, directed by Lee Ye-rim), ‘Deputy Human’ (written by Cha Yi-han, directed by Cho Nam-hyung), ‘The Fair’ (written by Choo Hyun-jung, directed by Min-ah), ‘Duck Is Baek’ (written by Kim Hae-nok, directed by Heo Seok-won), ‘Love Spoiler’ and Kim Gun-ju’.

First of all, Ahn So-hee and Kwak Dong-yeon appear in the black comedy “Kwanjong,” which takes place when influencer, who became famous for lying as if he were a gold spoon, is kidnapped by a murderer. “A surrogate human” is a suspense psychological drama that takes place when a woman who has become a surrogate human who replaces other people’s feelings chooses to live the life of a client who hired her. Nam Gyu-ri, Choi Byung-mo and Cha Hak-yeon have confirmed their appearance in the main character’s justice play “The Fair,” which tries to punish the criminal who broadcasted seven murders live on the Internet through the new punishment system, the Virtual Crime Program (VCP). Yang Kyung-won and Woo-hyun are drawing keen attention as Yang Kyung-won and Woo-hyun appear in the real-life family disintegration drama “Deokgu Is Back,” which is staged by Deokgu and his family members who want to live pretending to be dead due to insurance money. In addition, the two hurt men and women’s analog love story “Love Spoiler,” which calls for not being curious about the expiration date of love in the Dystopia era, where genetic tests show the expiration date of love, will feature talented actors Lee Joo-bin, Kwon Soo-hyun, Choi Seung-yoon and Cha-hyung.

Park Se-wan, Kim Woo-suk, and Kim Dae-gon will appear in the fantasy romantic comedy “Lucky,” which takes place in front of two young men and women struggling between reality and ideals, drawing attention. “Mint Condition” is a comic but warm, generational harmony comic close fantasy about an old man who became a young man in his 20s living with young hip-hopers due to an MRI machine failure, and adapting to his mental breakdown, Lim Chae-moo, Ahn Woo-yeon, Ji Min-hyuk, and Yeri (Red Velvet) will appear to give a fresh laugh. Shin Dong-mi, Bae Hae-sun, Heo Young-ji and Kim Do-hyun will appear in the indirect experience drama “Park Sung-sil’s Second Industrial Revolution,” which will be met in advance through Park Sung-sil, a call center counselor struggling to protect jobs from the newly introduced. “The Way to the Obstetrics and Gynecology” is a black comedy with blood, sweat and tears heading to the obstetrics and gynecology, raising expectations as a main character by a pregnant woman who is slower than a zombie fighting with zombies to give birth. Finally, the psychological follow-up drama “EP, Hello Dorothy,” starring Han Ji-eun and Kim Joo-heon, will visit the small screen with a “stigma-making” Internet reporter and a “stigma-taking” digital undertaker in between the horrific incidents caused by hidden camera crimes.

Lee Chan-ho, CP of Studio Dragon, who is in charge of “Drama Stage 2021,” said, “I am happy to introduce well-made works that combine the novelty of new artists, the experience of veteran directors, and excellent acting skills.”

On the other hand, Oppen is CJ ENM’s social contribution project that supports the revitalization of the drama and film creation ecosystem and the debut of new artists. ▲ Selection of new writers ▲ Planning and development of scripts/scenarios ▲ Organization of short-act plays ▲ Bizmatching. Starting with the one-act drama competition in January, “Open” will hold a drama short-act competition in February and a film competition in March to recruit the fifth term. Further details of the competition and support can be found on the official website of Offen.

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