How to take contraceptives Buy a pharmacy on the first

How to take contraceptives Buy a pharmacy on the first day of menstruation


The contraceptive pill, called estrogen progesterone, is a drug that controls the menstrual cycle and ovulation cycle, and estrogen and progesterone are hormones that can thicken the endometrial wall and make it much better, while inhibiting ovulation and fertilization of new men If you don’t have any fertilization or implantation and the endometrium falls off, you’re going to have a period

The principle of contraceptives is that if we keep the hormones from falling off with drugs, we can also control ovulation, endometriosis, and thus prevent menstruation Currently, contraceptives are used not only for strength purposes, but also for various purposes such as menstrual pain, menstrual irregularity, pre-menstrual syndrome, menstrual cycle control, and acne treatment

Oral contraceptives can be divided into two types: pre- and post-natal contraceptives Pre-climate drugs are packaged in 21 or 28 pills, and I told you about menstrual irregularities and menstrual syndrome, and the story you’re talking about treating kids with cycle control or acne medication is the 2nd Division contraceptive pill Post birth control pills are also called emergency contraceptives because they are usually packaged in one or two pills and are used to prevent unwanted pregnancy after sex and are emergency situations that must be taken as quickly as possible after a relationship

There are three major differences between pre- and post-natal care First of all, there’s a difference in hormone content, second of all, there’s a difference in the way you take it, third of all, there’s a difference First of all, pre-clinical drugs contain low levels of estrogen and progesterone and are divided into 1234 households according to progesterone

On the other hand, in the same case, progesterone contains a concentration of more than 10 times that of pre-clinical contraceptives alone Second, there’s a difference in how you take it The basic method of pre-clinical contraception is to take it once a day at a certain time It is a drug that has sex regardless of menstrual cycle and is taken only once within 72 hours, so taking it as soon as possible can increase the effectiveness of contraceptives

Lastly, there is a difference in the way you buy it You can buy pre-clinical contraceptives at the pharmacy, and post-clinical contraceptives are medicines that need to be prescribed at the hospital It’s an exception that requires prescription for the 4th generation pre-clinical drug Emergency contraceptives are drugs that should be taken as soon as possible, so on days without hospital treatment, such as Sunday or night, we recommend you to use them at night rather than waiting for Monday

Depending on the progesterone ingredient, it’s divided into 1st and 4th generations All generations contain two types of estrogen and progesterone, and they are divided into the first to fourth generations depending on the progesterone component The first generation is an early contraceptive, which has become a risk and side effect, and now the first to fourth generations are using it The side effects of taking birth control pills are

There are estrogenic side effects, androgenic side effects, which tend to get bigger in the fourth generation, and in the second generation, androgenic side effects get bigger in the second generation Here’s the second generation of contraceptives, and the Levonorgestrel, which contains the second generation of contraceptives, has a structure similar to that of male hormones, which tend to have side effects such as any acne

This drug is a third-generation contraceptive and has less androgenic side effects than the second-generation non-inflammatory drug The 4th generation contraceptive pill, which contains the ingredient of the dress fit, has very little androgenic side effects However, due to the relatively large estrogenic side effects, the side effects of thrombogenesis and breast pain nausea and vomiting are significant

Because of the low side effects, it’s often used to treat acne. There are many drugs depending on the concentration of estrogen, and estrogen stabilizes the endometrium, while it also has estrogen side effects, so it’s important to find contraceptives that fit your body by adjusting your hormone levels

Postpartum contraceptives are taken quickly within 72 hours and 3 days of sexual intercourse, and if you vomit within 2 or 3 hours, you decide that the drug is not absorbed, so you work quickly and take it First of all, pre- contraceptives have different ways of taking pin medication depending on the purpose First, it’s for PE purposes You can remember the birth control pill as a reference, and the first time you take it is the first day of menstruation From the first day of menstruation, I take Korean food at a certain time every day, and I think about it, but for the closing period, I start doing 10 times on the third day

From the second mid-term, you can open a new package and take medicine regardless of when your menstruation starts When taking contraceptives, if you’re not the first word of your period, but if you start taking it for five days in the second round, the effect of contraception may not be fully guaranteed So I’m going to use a supplementary bubble for a week Next, I take it for two purposes: contraception and extended life cycle The time to start taking it is the same as the purpose date of contraception From the first day of my period, I take it for a certain period of time 인터넷정품비아그라

Even if you don’t start taking it on the first day of your period, you can slow down your menstrual cycle But in this case, there’s a high possibility that the man is already on the veranda, so there’s little or no contraceptive effect It doesn’t matter when you take birth control pills It is a taboo for women over 35 years of age who smoke If the menstrual period continues from 2 weeks to 3 cycles in the ear, it is recommended to see a doctor

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