Hwarang Song Joong-ki’s middle boss transformation

Hwarang Song Joong-ki’s middle boss transformation Hong Sa-bin and Bibi


The movie “Hwaran” confirmed the casting of Song Joong-ki, Hong Sa-bin and Bibi and cranked in.

According to distributor Megabox JoongAng PlusM on the 26th, “Hwaran,” which confirmed the casting of Song Joong-ki and Hong Sa-bin, cranked in on the 13th.

“Hwaran” is a noir drama about a boy “Yeon-gyu,” who wants to escape from the hellish reality, meeting the organization’s middle boss “Chigan” and joining the precarious world.

Hong Sa-bin, an acting rookie, was cast as the 18-year-old Yeon-kyu, who jumped into the harsh adult world to escape from the miserable and bleak reality. Hong Sa-bin, who received attention for her solid acting skills and fresh masks in the 17th Mise-en-sen Short Film Festival’s “Vacation” and the 10th Chungmuro Short Film Festival’s “Hot Wave,” will show a wide range of acting from the boy’s appearance to the cool transformation that collapses in front of harsh reality.

Song Joong-ki plays the role of “Chigan,” the middle boss of the organization who trusts and leads Yeon-kyu, and works with Hong Sa-bin. Song Joong-ki, who captivated both home and abroad through the Netflix movie “Seungriho” and the drama “Vinxenzo,” will exude overwhelming charisma through his role as Chi Gun, who has an unpredictable coolness and unexpected warmth.

Singer and actor Kim Hyung-seo (Bibi), who broke through high-competition auditions, played the role of Yeon-gyu’s younger brother “White,” who does not want to be swayed by the miserable reality. Kim Hyung-seo, who made a strong impression by playing the role of young Eun-hee in “The Sixth Story of a Girl’s High School: Alma mater,” will show a new side with a strong female character 시알리스구입

“Hwaran” was cranked in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do on the 13th after reading. Hong Sa-bin, who finished the first shooting safely, said, “I was so nervous and nervous, but I was able to finish the first shooting safely with the help of many people, including the director,” adding, “I will continue to learn a lot and try my best to film.” Song Joong-ki, who showed a strong transformation from his appearance, said, “I’m happy to participate in Hwarang, and it’s a new challenge for me. I’m looking forward to the fierce and hot scene that I’ll create with the director and actors.”

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