Um Ji-won

When Um Ji-won’s puppet play was revealed she broke

When Um Ji-won’s puppet play was revealed she broke the highest ratings

Um Ji-won

Kim Go-eun of “Little Women” noticed Um Ji-won’s doll play and took the lead on the stage.

In the 8th episode of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Little Women” (directed by Kim Hee-won, scripted by Seo Jeong-kyung, production studio Dragon), Won Sang-ah (played by Kim Go-eun) showed the reality and the drama recorded the highest ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea, the eighth episode of “Little Women” ranked first in the same time zone, including cable and general episodes, with an average of 9.7% and 11.2% in the Seoul metropolitan area, and an average of 8.7% and 9.7% in the national households.

On this day, Choi Do-il (Wi Ha-joon) and Oh In-ju, who headed to Singapore, were embarrassed by the appearance of hotel employees who mistook themselves for “Singapore’s fake Oh In-ju” and treated them politely. In addition, the owner of the cafe, apartment staff, and neighbors of the cafe where fake Oh In-ju frequented were unable to distinguish between fake and real, and Oh In-ju doubted whether the dead Jin-young (Choo Ja-hyun) would be living in Singapore by molding her face

Meanwhile, the note handed to Oh In-joo by the employee was written exactly what Jin-young had told Oh In-joo in the past, and Oh In-joo was confident of her survival. In response, Choi Do-il persuaded that someone was posing as a fake, but Oh In-joo ran away with a carrier containing 70 billion won in a note given by a person believed to be Jin Jin-young.

Oh In-joo, who moved to the meeting place with a carrier containing 70 billion won, faced Won Sang-ah (played by Um Ji-won), not Jin-young. Unlike Oh In-ju, who was embarrassed, Won Sang-ah smiled brightly and said, “I like secret plays. “My own doll play in a boring world,” he mocked him.

Along with the fact that all of those who recognized Oh In-ju in Singapore were actors cast by Won Sang-ah, Won Sang-ah said, “You were the main character in this play. I liked you from the first time I saw you. He seemed full of hope on a poor subject of poverty. What happens if you get bullied like that? “Hwa-young developed your character,” he said.

Won Sang-ah then said, “Hwa-young is my favorite character,” adding, “I educated her from the beginning to the end.” I see death when I see someone. A woman who reveals luxury goods without money, a woman who believes that life will change if she gets plastic surgery, and a woman who gets caught stealing other people’s money and dies, explained Hwa-young, and Oh In-joo, who was angry, saying, “Unnie is not that character.

To the angry Oh In-joo, Won Sang-ah said, “Worry about your character. There will be an article tomorrow morning. A vain Korean woman who was cheating using orchids was robbed by a man and jumped out of the window, he said. “The article is ready.” I also wrote a will. “People are waiting outside to take a vivid video as soon as you fall,” he said, referring to the murder plan, and Oh In-ju was before he lost his mind after drinking the blue orchid tea prepared by Won Sang-ah.

Finally, Oh In-joo said, “I want to see my 70 billion won once,” and Won Sang-ah agreed and said, “That’s right. “I had a hard time bringing it all the way here, but I’m going to take a look at it,” he said, opening his carrier. In fact, the carrier was filled with bricks instead of cash, and Oh In-joo said to Won Sang-ah, who was embarrassed by the unexpected situation, “I like this expression the most. “You look like a child who has lost a toy,” he said, pointing a gun at him and giving a twist.

With Oh In-joo, who noticed that all the events, including the bullying of Oh In-joo, the death of Jin-young, and the identity of Singapore’s Oh In-joo, ending with a gun at Won Sang-ah, expectations are high on how the future story will end.

It also raises expectations that the emotional lines and actions of the actors that have caused frustration will be used to bring back 70 billion won safely. Attention is focusing on whether the sisters will solve it in a way that pursues justice for a decent life and happiness, or revenge for Won Sang-ah will proceed based on the anger of the misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, tvN’s “Little Women,” which tells the story of three poor but loving sisters confronting the richest and most powerful family in Korea in their own way, airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 p.m

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